The fourth annual, San Francisco

 Behavioral Finance Symposium

  November 5, 2016

 Hosted by:
Golden Gate University



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GGU is located at 536 Mission Street, San Francisco (between 1st and 2nd Streets). The event will be held on the 2nd floor. Enter through the main building entrance.  

Breakfast and registration begin at 8:00 am. The event begins at 9:00 am


Attendees may drive or take multiple modes of public transportation. We recommend taking BART or Muni if possible and using the Montgomery Street station. Buses are also viable and close at hand (the downtown bus depot is only a few blocks away).

If driving in, parking will be limited to those garages that are open on Saturday (see the list below). Plan to park at least several blocks away and walk from 5-10 minutes. Some drivers may find it easier and less expensive to drive to a BART station in the East Bay or South Bay where parking is free and take BART from there.


Prices range from $15 to over $50 for the day (the list below is limited to those at $30 or less).

From several parking sites on the web, we found the following possibilities within 5-10 minute walk from GGU. All claim to be open on Saturday by 7am.

P1    345 California Center Public Parking
       117 Battery Street (between Pine and California)

P2    MOMA garage
       147 Minna Street (between Montgomery & 3rd )

P3    Hearst Parking Garage
       171 Stevenson (between Annie and 3rd)

P4    Paramount Garage
       169 Jessie (between Annie and 3rd)

P5    Tower Valet Parking
       680 Mission Street (between New Montgomery and 3rd)

P6    Tower Valet Parking
       124 Folsom (between Spear and Main)

P7    Ace Parking
       201 Spear Street (between Howard and Folsom)

Propark at Hills Plaza  (Cannot be shown on map)
345 Spear Street (between Folsom and Harrison)

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