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BehavioralFinance.org is the web site of the International Forum for Behavioral Finance and Economics (IFBFE), an educational organization dedicated to advancing the field broadly referred to as Behavioral Finance and Economics. Our aim is to serve as a centralized source of information for academia, industry, service providers, trade groups, and individual investors. We are an independent organization, supported by member dues and revenue generated from events we sponsor or services we provide.

We are less concerned with finding the perfect all-inclusive definition for Behavioral Finance than we are with incorporating any and all related topics into the scope of this site. As such, our view of Behavioral Finance may include everything from studies on brain function to the effects of group dynamics on market price action, or to cultural differences in financial decision-making. In other words, if we find something that is even remotely associated with the human behavior and financial decision-making, we intend to include it on our radar.

From the Founder

   Behavioral Finance Has Come of Age! We now have more than three decades of formal research on behavior as it applies to financial decision-making. Academia has introduced the subject into mainstream college curricula. Financial institutions are incorporating it into practice. Countless books are now in the public domain, and the subject is even finding its way into government policy. Accordingly, it needed a home, and we are proud to provide one here at BehavioralFinance.org. Our goal is for this site to serve as the nexus for all things related to the field – education, research, events, presentations, industry practices, jobs, books and articles, and of course networking with others in the field.

  We welcome your suggestions and your help in making this site a useful resource for all concerned. Please help spread the word and point people to this site.

Richard H. Lehman

(Richard is an Instructor in Behavioral Finance at both UC Berkeley Extension and Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He is also an author -- "Far From Random", Bloomberg Press, 2009 -- and a 35-year practitioner in the financial industry.)

Our Mission

Our mission, guided by the goal of serving a wide variety of constituents in multiple disciplines, is broadly encapsulated as follows: To advance the field of Behavioral Finance for the benefit of all interested organizations and individuals by providing an objective, centralized forum for information exchange, collaboration, idea-sharing, practice enhancement, networking, career and educational opportunities and common understanding.

Our Vision

We envision the creation of a globally accessible internet presence that serves as a nexus for a wide array of information related to the field of Behavioral Finance, including (but not limited to) the following broad categories:

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